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Lord of the Flies
Peter Brook 1963 
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"Lord of the Flies" is based on the book by William Golding. This is the black and white version that was made in 1963 by Peter Brook. The story is fairly simple on the face of things: A group of English schoolboys are marooned on a deserted island when they're shipwrecked. Once on the island, the kids make an attempt at developing a political system and a method by which they might all work together so as to provide themselves with food and shelter and go about getting themselves rescued. Things rapidly devolve into a savage sort of pseudo-anarchy and the children split into two "warring" factions. To put it slightly more accurately; we end up with one warring faction and one faction trying to avoid them.

The book is a lovely study of characters, relationships and the workings of society. The number of parables, metaphors, analogies and allegories enclosed within it's covers have kept educators, political theorists, literary experts, critics and a huge number of schoolchildren researching them for years. The book gets an A+ because it's insightful and {truly} disturbing and just generally pleasant to read. Both versions of the movie are fairly faithful to the book. The earlier version is slightly more so and seems to deal with things at a slightly higher level. The people putting it together seem to have had the same intent as Golding did. That being; to take a simple story and use it as a vehicle to explore much more difficult concepts. This is a nicely done film that works as a lovely sort of allegory...


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